The Company

Genifuel Corporation was formed in 2006 to produce renewable energy by the most efficient, lowest cost, and most scalable means possible. We performed extensive evaluations of a wide range of technologies against these criteria. In the end we concluded that hydrothermal processing of wet material--which might otherwise be wasted or cause environmental problems--offered great promise. Applying hydrothermal processing to these materials solves three problems at once--eliminating wastes in an exceptionally clean way, producing renewable fuels, and producing clean, sterile water.  In fact, this capability led to one of our trademarks for the equipment and engineering services we offer:  "Solving Three Problems At Once"

Genifuel's renewable bio-crude oil and natural gas can be processed with existing infrastructure and the fuels are immediately usable.  In fact, our natural gas can be used to process electricity on-site.  With our process, feedstock can be collected as required, or stored temporarily, to generate electricity on demand.  The bio-crude is similar to fossil crude and can be processed into transportation fuels in existing refineries.

We have successfully produced renewable fuels from many wet wastes. These processes have been completed at several scales, from laboratory through pilot production.  We are now scaling up to larger systems running 24/7, with the first plant going into operation in 2016, and additional plants (both larger and smaller than the first) going into operation in 2017 and 2018. 

Genifuel or James Oyler are members of the Water Environment Federation, the Water Environment & Reuse Foundation, NACWA, and the American Chemical Society.  The company has been honored by the American Council of Engineering Companies for its Hydrothermal Processing Pilot System, winning the Grand Prize in 2016 and Honor Award at the National Meeting in 2017.