Motor Fuel

Genifuel is producing renewable natural gas, which can be directly compressed into Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) and is already used as a motor fuel.  CNG is an excellent fuel, since it burns cleanly and produces the lowest greenhouse gases of any motor fuel.  Engines designed specifically for CNG can run more efficiently than gasoline (petrol) engines because CNG has an octane rating of approximately 135, allowing higher compression ratios. 

Production of CNG from the output gas of a Genifuel Hydrothermal Processing System is fast and efficient.  The commercial pressure for CNG is almost the same as the operating pressure of the Genifuel HTP system, so gas recompression is avoided.  This is a significant simplification and cost reduction for Genifuel CNG compared to other bio-produced methane.  The only requirement is that CO2 must be stripped from the gas, which can be accomplished by a Pressure Swing Adsorber System. 


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